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We are a leading Qualified Intermediary able to handle all types of §1031 Exchanges, including Forward / Delayed Exchanges, Reverse / Simultaneous Exchanges, and Construction / Improvement Exchanges.

Our deep expertise in tax code regulations allows us to structure even the most complex §1031 Exchanges, ensuring that every transaction meets IRS guidelines. As part of the Madison family of companies, Madison 1031 has an in-depth, broad understanding of commercial real estate that can help maximize your ROI.

Madison 1031 is a trustworthy company, providing its Four Pillars of Security for every §1031 Exchange. Handling §1031 Exchanges nationwide, Madison 1031 provides personal customer service every step of the way.

What is a §1031

A §1031 Exchange is a valuable tax strategy for those selling and buying real estate for investment. Whenever a business or investment property is sold and there is a gain, generally the person selling the property has to pay taxes on the gain at the time of sale. IRC §1031 provides an exception and allows payment of the tax on the gain to be deferred if the seller reinvests the proceeds in a like-kind property as part of a qualifying §1031 Exchange.

By exchanging one property for another, the property owner can defer federal and state* capital gains taxes, leaving greater net profits for reinvestment. In addition to improving cash flow, §1031 Exchanges also allow investors to shift an investment from one geographic region to another, trade older properties for newer ones, leverage existing equity, and diversify, improve and/or increase a real estate portfolio.